Mariana Pineda

Book Information

Serie: Teatro 149
ISBN ebook: 9788499539126
ISBN papel: 9788499539072
Páginas: 120
Portada: Luca Pacioli: De Divina Proportione. Letter M
Author:Federico García Lorca
Category: Modern Cults Tags: Century XX, Spain


Mariana Pineda was executed in Granada during the reign of Fernando VII, and accused of participating in a liberal conspiracy. García Lorca begins his work with a popular romance that alone enumerates the key elements of the plot: Mariana is a martyr, refuses to inform her companions, Pedrosa, the mayor of the crime in Granada, the capture and in turn the mistress. Some wait until the end that Mariana be forgiven, but the tragedy is served and has all the classic ingredients: love, youth, ideals of freedom and death.


(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)