Poeta en Nueva York

Book Information

Serie: Poesía 56
ISBN ebook: 9788499539041
ISBN papel: 9788499539058
Páginas: 118
Portada: Zeppelin flying over southern Manhattan
Categories:Contemporáneos, Poesía
Author:Federico García Lorca
Category: Modern Cults Tags: Century XX, Spain, United States


Published posthumously in 1940, but written between 1929-1930 in New York, during the residence of García Lorca as a student at Columbia University, Poeta en Nueva York (Poet in New York) brings together poems of undoubted surrealist inspiration, although much more dismal than most of his works. Poems Witness New York ravaged by poverty after the crack of 1929, Federico García Lorca writes about loneliness and despair in a nightmarish city where oppressed beings roam and misery reigns. Much of the poems are dedicated to African Americans, particularly the residents of the Harlem neighborhood. The poetry book concludes with two odes, one of them dedicated to the father of American poetry, Walt Whitman, and with two waltzes to celebrate the departure of New York, the arrival in Havana and the encounter with the lively Cuban music, which transports poet, and with him the reader, at the doors of a much brighter place: the South.


(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)