El libro de los amores breves

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“I was walking naked around the house. It appeared in one window and disappeared in the other as if nothing else existed in the world than its body and light.”

That’s how it starts, and that’s how I could finish Armando Suárez Cobián’s, Libro de los amores breves (The book of short loves). Because this is how the story of one man and six women appears and disappears. The brief loves of Armando Suárez Cobián stroll through Brooklyn, Havana, and fleetingly Barcelona, willing to become the protagonists of an obsession that is visualized, smelled and tasted. Six stories, six women, who stop being the subject of a glance to become the delirium of a life, of their life, of our lives.
With these stories, Armando Suárez Cobián opens a new chapter in Cuban literature where women and love are drawn with a sublime sensuality, freedom, and intelligence, and shows us that true loves, even the briefest ones, are eternal.


(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)