La gitanilla

Book Information

Serie: Narrativa 81
ISBN ebook: 9788499532189
ISBN papel: 9788496290372
Páginas: 88
Portada: Frans Hals: The Little Gypsy Girl
Author:Miguel de Cervantes
Category: Modern Cults Tags: Century XVII, Spain


In La gitanilla (The Little Gypsy Girl) Miguel de Cervantes mixes the topics about gypsies in a game of identities. The story begins in the following way:

“It seems that gypsies and gypsies were only born in the world to be thieves. They are born of thieving parents, raised with thieves, they study for thieves and, finally, they come out with being ordinary thieves and grinders, in every arena. And the desire to steal, and steal, are in them inseparable accidents, which are not removed except by death.”

However, little by little the plot reveals that the gypsy girl is a complex character and that the aforementioned accusations are unfair. Thus unfolds a spiral of entanglements and confusions ordered in a closed and biting plot. The gypsy is also a portrait of the ethnic differences of the Cervantes era