Linkgua Semantic
for bookstores, publishers and distributors

LKS is a recommendation widget, designed to enrich your online publications and provide you with strategic information about how readers interact with them

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LKS analyzes the keywords mentioned in your online catalog, in your ebooks and in the blogs of your authors, and generates a universe of intelligent links, updated in real time, displayed in your digital content


With LKS your digital publications become smart

full of meaningful and organized relationships in a unique environment

Your readers have at your disposal all those pages that improve your brand experience, without having to manually generate links with related content

Real time

LKS links your topics of interest with always updated information in real time, from sources chosen by you.


The multimedia information recommended by LKS generates more time to stay in your content.


The current analysis tools tell you in which pages you have more traffic, but they do not allow you to know the keywords that attract the most attention from your readers.


Your catalog is not just a series of books ordered by categories, it is also the sum of thousands of quotes, places, people, movies and music, that your readers can discover with LKS.


LKS allows you to build widgets that generate new sales channels, making your products available to readers on the pages of your authors and collaborators. You can also syndicate and sell products related to your catalog, cured by you to receive income through new channels.

See an example of use

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